The Value of a Professional Video Producer

New technology and easy to use software allow anyone to create a video. Some companies may choose to forgo using a professional video production team in the hope of saving money. While this is a less costly option; unfortunately, it is also a less quality option. There is a big difference in the quality of professional work compared to amateur production. Professional video producers provide great value to any video project.

What does the Video Producer do?

The producer is the person who coordinates all aspects of the video. Even a short, simple video requires coordination between many different people and resources.

  • Meet with Clients. The producer will meet with the client to determine what they want to accomplish and how that can be done. This may require multiple meetings to make sure there is a clear vision and plan.
  • Develop Script. The producer will also work to develop the script, whether that means actually writing the script or working with writers to produce a script that does what the client wants.
  • Create/Stay on a Budget. The producer will work with the client to determine the budget, what it includes and whether any adjustments need to be made during actual production.
  • Devise the Schedule. The producer will map out the schedule of how/when the video production will occur, and strive to keep everyone on schedule.
  • Hire/Coordinate Talent. If there are actors involved in the video, the producer will arrange auditions and negotiate contracts.
  • Hire/Coordinate the Crew. The producer will also hire any necessary crew and negotiate contracts. This can be a huge undertaking since there may be makeup, costumes, lighting, sound, stage crew, etc. All these crew members also need to be transported to and from locations and fed.
  • Determine Logistics (where, when, how…). Whether the video has one location or multiple locations, the producer will coordinate all logistics of where, when and how the video is made.
  • Responsible During Production. During production, the producer ensures that every member of the team has what they need and that everything goes smoothly. This involves coordinating every aspect of the production from talent to crew to problems that occur.
  • Double Check Post Production. The producer works closely with the editing team to make sure every aspect of the video is top quality and accurate.

Why is a Video Producer Important?

With all the coordination involved between the many people that work together to create a video, it would be easy to make mistakes or get off track without someone to hold it all together. The producer is an incredibly valuable member of the team that is ultimately responsible for creating a high quality product that does what the client wants. Experienced Boston Video Producers have been through the process and know what to do to keep the project on track and under budget. Easy to use editing software doesn’t come with a producer to plan it all out. While it may save in actual editing costs, it won’t save in planning time/costs, coordination, or result in a professional product.

Tips for Finding the Right Video Production Company

The internet is full of video production companies professing their greatness, but how do you know which company is the right fit for your purpose? Doing a little bit of preliminary thinking and research can help weed out the competition to find what you need. Consider the following tips before choosing a Boston Video Production company to make your next video.

Determine Your Purpose

Before you can search for a company to make your video, you first need to determine why you need a video. Are you launching a new product? Do you want to showcase your brand? Or do you want to broaden your demographics? Having an idea of what you want to accomplish will help you find a company that can help you reach your goal. Video production companies may specialize or have experience in different types of videos, so it is important to know what you want in order to find the company that can deliver your vision. Knowing your ultimate purpose can help you know what questions to ask and give you a point of reference for looking through demos.

Know Your Budget

How much money you have to spend will help you determine what you can afford. Though we may all want Spielberg quality, it may not be in the budget. There is a huge difference in cost between different production companies which may may depend upon experience, quality, and availability. Certainly, professional production companies will cost more than amateurs just starting out. If you have the budget, it is a good idea to use an experienced company that creates quality product. On a smaller budget, it may be a beneficial to use a talented company just starting out that can charge less. Look for the best value for the money.

Look for Full Video Examples

Demo samples on web sites may not be full products. Some companies will splice together “best of” clips that look great because they took the best parts of several videos to give you a taste of what is possible. This may not give you a full picture of what they can create. Ask to see full video examples so you can determine if the whole project is just as great as their short clips. Don’t be fooled by a 30 second splice of video which may turn out to be the only quality part of a inadequate video.

Check Out their Recent Projects

Not all websites are up to date. Look on social media to see if the production company has shared some recent projects. Though all past projects can give you an idea of what is possible, it is good to see what they are making recently too. Newer work will let you see if the company is still producing quality work. Equipment and talent often change; make sure they are using the latest equipment and still have talented employees that can make your video spectacular.

Get Multiple Quotes

Researching companies can be a lot of work, but it is worth the effort. Since there is a wide range between what companies provide and charge, it is important to get information and quotes from several different companies before you choose. Looking at the differences in cost and product from several vendors is the only real way to know what is available. Though time consuming, it is worth the peace of mind to know that you chose a company that will give you a premium product for a satisfactory price.

Ask for Recommendations

A recommendation from someone you know is always a good way to determine if a company really will deliver the promised results. Ask other friends and peers whether they have been satisfied with a video production company they’ve used. If you don’t know someone personally, the internet is a great source for looking up product reviews and recommendations. Always read through multiple reviews to get a good idea of a general consensus.

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