The 5 Best Types of Video for Dramatically Increasing Your Sales

Online marketing is constantly evolving, and a smart entrepreneur needs to follow the trends and understand the modern consumer. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. However, there is a way to capture and hold the interest of people who visit your website. According to Mist Media, visitors will remain on your webpage 88% longer if there is a video on it. In order to take advantage of this and boost your conversion rates, it is important to understand the 5 types of videos that will increase your website visitation and sales. These videos can be produced on any budget, even if that means using just your smartphone to film, but for the best results you should hire a professional video company. Whatever the particular goals and needs of your business are, video is a valuable marketing tool.

1. Advertising Video

The average visitor will not spend more than 10 seconds on your webpage if he or she does not find something interesting. In such a short timeframe, it is a lot easier to grab attention with a video than text. Video footage is dynamic and compelling, wordy descriptions and pitches are static and potentially overwhelming to consumers. Therefore, when it comes to advertising, a product video is the quickest and most efficient way to persuade your potential customers. According to Stacks and Stacks, people who watched a video advertisement were 144% more likely to buy the advertised product.

2. Profile Video

A profile video introduces the public to your company’s history, philosophy, and values. By showcasing your strongest points, it helps you build a positive public image. There is not just one right image to sell. You might be an old company with 200 years of tradition and high-quality goods behind you. On the other hand, you might be a newer company with a young workforce that targets younger generations. Though very different, both of these reputations can be effective. A good profile video paints a picture of the specific type of company you want to be perceived as, based on your target demographics. Don’t try to present yourself as something that you’re not. Find your niche and define it for the public. A strong profile video makes you seem more genuine, professional, relevant, and trustworthy to your target audience. CrazyEgg saw a 64% increase in conversion rates after modifying their homepage video to make it more interesting and unique. With a specialized profile video that truly captures your company’s identity, you can boost your conversion rates too.

3. Media Release Video

A media release provides newsworthy or relevant information to a wide audience while also getting your company name out there. Video media releases are easier for consumers to absorb, give your claims more credibility, and emphasize your key points. People are always looking for fresh and interesting news, and are more drawn to exciting videos than other content. Thus, information presented in a video is much more likely to stick in viewers’ mind and familiarize them with your business or product. For even higher conversion rates, try sharing your media release videos through the social media that people check every day.

4. Educational Video

Most of the time we spend online is either in pursuit of entertainment or knowledge. Educational videos provide both. They establish you as a competent, transparent, and trusted source for industry-related information. A 2-3 minute educational video can boost engagement rates up to 80%, making people more likely to gravitate towards you for products and services. Famous Youtubers are a prime example, as they have already gathered dedicated fanbases and boosted sales with content that is both informative and entertaining.

5. Testimonial Video

We tend to get most of our news from friends, peers, and social media. That’s because people are more likely to put their trust in other individuals than in a faceless corporation. The approval of someone who has had experience with a product or service appears more authentic and genuine, as an individual’s opinion is free of bias and ulterior motives. Thus, testimonial videos gain the support of consumers by using the honest word of consumers just like them.

These examples demonstrate how powerful of a marketing tool videos can be. You can take advantage of these five essential types of videos on any budget. Simple videos, such as a whiteboard animation or a short product video, can be produced with just your smartphone. Alternatively, you can hire a professional video production company to create complex, high quality videos for your purposes. The most important thing is to understand your target audience and adjust your methods to their needs and desires. Add advertising videos, profile videos, media release videos, educational videos, and testimonial videos to your webpage to boost the public image, advance the goals, and increase the sales of your business.

Boston Video Marketing Pointers

Why do some videos go viral while others flop? Video marketing is a fast growing industry with many companies choosing to use the benefits of video to get their message out. Yet, not all videos reach their potential. Making a quick video and posting it to the internet is not enough. Follow these pointers to make your next video a marketing success.

Understand Your Customer

Take the time to learn more about your customers. How do they think? What do they want and feel? Connecting with them on an emotional level can make your videos more meaningful. People are more likely to watch and share your video if they can relate to the content. Knowing what your customers are looking for will help you meet their needs, making your video a hit.

Tell Your Story

These days it is easy for customers to find out about products online. They can read through consumer reports and reviews to determine what to buy. Your video should be about more than an attempt to sell a product. Use it as a chance to tell your story, and share your brand’s message. If you can tell your story in an engaging way, your customers will respond. More people can recall what they’ve seen than what they’ve read. This makes video a great way to share your story so that people will remember your brand.

Make it Memorable

Produce a creative, engaging video and people will be more likely to view and share. This is easily said, but not easily done. If you create a video that is just like every other video out there, then there is no reason to watch it. Make it memorable and different. Humor is a great way to reach more people.

Use Social Sharing

Make it easy for people to share your video. This is as simple as making sure there are easily accessible links for posting your video to their social media. If it isn’t easy to share, then people won’t bother. With easy social media sharing, it is more likely that they will share what they’ve seen with friends.

Drive Engagement with a Call to Action

Every successful marketing strategy needs a call to action. What do you want your customers to do once they’ve watched your video? Make their next step clear. Drive engagement by asking your customers to:

  • Share the video on social media
  • Sign-up for a newsletter or give-away
  • Leave a comment
  • Visit a landing site
  • Call for more information
  • Purchase your product

Following these pointers will ensure that your video is memorable, engaging and ready for your customers to share. Give us a call to learn more about how to make a successful video.