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The 5 Best Types of Video for Dramatically Increasing Your Sales

Online marketing is constantly evolving, and a smart entrepreneur needs to follow the trends and understand the modern consumer. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. However, there is a way to capture and hold the interest of people who visit your website. According to Mist Media, visitors will remain on your webpage 88% longer […]

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Boston Video Marketing Pointers

Why do some videos go viral while others flop? Video marketing is a fast growing industry with many companies choosing to use the benefits of video to get their message out. Yet, not all videos reach their potential. Making a quick video and posting it to the internet is not enough. Follow these pointers to […]

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The Value of a Professional Video Producer

New technology and easy to use software allow anyone to create a video. Some companies may choose to forgo using a professional video production team in the hope of saving money. While this is a less costly option; unfortunately, it is also a less quality option. There is a big difference in the quality of […]

Tips for Finding the Right Boston Video Production Company

Tips for Finding the Right Video Production Company

The internet is full of video production companies professing their greatness, but how do you know which company is the right fit for your purpose? Doing a little bit of preliminary thinking and research can help weed out the competition to find what you need. Consider the following tips before choosing a Boston Video Production […]

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Mobile Video Changes Crime

Video is on the rise as an online marketing tool, and a way to share information on social media. From Facebook Live to Youtube to Vine, online videos are more popular than ever. For every good use, there are also those that use the technology for less than stellar purposes. These days people share everything […]