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The 5 Best Types of Video for Dramatically Increasing Your Sales

Online marketing is constantly evolving, and a smart entrepreneur needs to follow the trends and understand the modern consumer. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. However, there is a way to capture and hold the interest of people who visit your website. According to Mist Media, visitors will remain on your webpage 88% longer if there is a video on it. In order to take advantage of this and boost your conversion rates, it is important to understand the 5 types of videos that will increase your website visitation and sales. These videos can be produced on any budget, even if that means using just your smartphone to film, but for the best results you should hire a professional video company. Whatever the particular goals and needs of your business are, video is a valuable marketing tool.

1. Advertising Video

The average visitor will not spend more than 10 seconds on your webpage if he or she does not find something interesting. In such a short timeframe, it is a lot easier to grab attention with a video than text. Video footage is dynamic and compelling, wordy descriptions and pitches are static and potentially overwhelming to consumers. Therefore, when it comes to advertising, a product video is the quickest and most efficient way to persuade your potential customers. According to Stacks and Stacks, people who watched a video advertisement were 144% more likely to buy the advertised product.

2. Profile Video

A profile video introduces the public to your company’s history, philosophy, and values. By showcasing your strongest points, it helps you build a positive public image. There is not just one right image to sell. You might be an old company with 200 years of tradition and high-quality goods behind you. On the other hand, you might be a newer company with a young workforce that targets younger generations. Though very different, both of these reputations can be effective. A good profile video paints a picture of the specific type of company you want to be perceived as, based on your target demographics. Don’t try to present yourself as something that you’re not. Find your niche and define it for the public. A strong profile video makes you seem more genuine, professional, relevant, and trustworthy to your target audience. CrazyEgg saw a 64% increase in conversion rates after modifying their homepage video to make it more interesting and unique. With a specialized profile video that truly captures your company’s identity, you can boost your conversion rates too.

3. Media Release Video

A media release provides newsworthy or relevant information to a wide audience while also getting your company name out there. Video media releases are easier for consumers to absorb, give your claims more credibility, and emphasize your key points. People are always looking for fresh and interesting news, and are more drawn to exciting videos than other content. Thus, information presented in a video is much more likely to stick in viewers’ mind and familiarize them with your business or product. For even higher conversion rates, try sharing your media release videos through the social media that people check every day.

4. Educational Video

Most of the time we spend online is either in pursuit of entertainment or knowledge. Educational videos provide both. They establish you as a competent, transparent, and trusted source for industry-related information. A 2-3 minute educational video can boost engagement rates up to 80%, making people more likely to gravitate towards you for products and services. Famous Youtubers are a prime example, as they have already gathered dedicated fanbases and boosted sales with content that is both informative and entertaining.

5. Testimonial Video

We tend to get most of our news from friends, peers, and social media. That’s because people are more likely to put their trust in other individuals than in a faceless corporation. The approval of someone who has had experience with a product or service appears more authentic and genuine, as an individual’s opinion is free of bias and ulterior motives. Thus, testimonial videos gain the support of consumers by using the honest word of consumers just like them.

These examples demonstrate how powerful of a marketing tool videos can be. You can take advantage of these five essential types of videos on any budget. Simple videos, such as a whiteboard animation or a short product video, can be produced with just your smartphone. Alternatively, you can hire a professional video production company to create complex, high quality videos for your purposes. The most important thing is to understand your target audience and adjust your methods to their needs and desires. Add advertising videos, profile videos, media release videos, educational videos, and testimonial videos to your webpage to boost the public image, advance the goals, and increase the sales of your business.

Boston Video Marketing Pointers

Why do some videos go viral while others flop? Video marketing is a fast growing industry with many companies choosing to use the benefits of video to get their message out. Yet, not all videos reach their potential. Making a quick video and posting it to the internet is not enough. Follow these pointers to make your next video a marketing success.

Understand Your Customer

Take the time to learn more about your customers. How do they think? What do they want and feel? Connecting with them on an emotional level can make your videos more meaningful. People are more likely to watch and share your video if they can relate to the content. Knowing what your customers are looking for will help you meet their needs, making your video a hit.

Tell Your Story

These days it is easy for customers to find out about products online. They can read through consumer reports and reviews to determine what to buy. Your video should be about more than an attempt to sell a product. Use it as a chance to tell your story, and share your brand’s message. If you can tell your story in an engaging way, your customers will respond. More people can recall what they’ve seen than what they’ve read. This makes video a great way to share your story so that people will remember your brand.

Make it Memorable

Produce a creative, engaging video and people will be more likely to view and share. This is easily said, but not easily done. If you create a video that is just like every other video out there, then there is no reason to watch it. Make it memorable and different. Humor is a great way to reach more people.

Use Social Sharing

Make it easy for people to share your video. This is as simple as making sure there are easily accessible links for posting your video to their social media. If it isn’t easy to share, then people won’t bother. With easy social media sharing, it is more likely that they will share what they’ve seen with friends.

Drive Engagement with a Call to Action

Every successful marketing strategy needs a call to action. What do you want your customers to do once they’ve watched your video? Make their next step clear. Drive engagement by asking your customers to:

  • Share the video on social media
  • Sign-up for a newsletter or give-away
  • Leave a comment
  • Visit a landing site
  • Call for more information
  • Purchase your product

Following these pointers will ensure that your video is memorable, engaging and ready for your customers to share. Give us a call to learn more about how to make a successful video.

The Value of a Professional Video Producer

New technology and easy to use software allow anyone to create a video. Some companies may choose to forgo using a professional video production team in the hope of saving money. While this is a less costly option; unfortunately, it is also a less quality option. There is a big difference in the quality of professional work compared to amateur production. Professional video producers provide great value to any video project.

What does the Video Producer do?

The producer is the person who coordinates all aspects of the video. Even a short, simple video requires coordination between many different people and resources.

  • Meet with Clients. The producer will meet with the client to determine what they want to accomplish and how that can be done. This may require multiple meetings to make sure there is a clear vision and plan.
  • Develop Script. The producer will also work to develop the script, whether that means actually writing the script or working with writers to produce a script that does what the client wants.
  • Create/Stay on a Budget. The producer will work with the client to determine the budget, what it includes and whether any adjustments need to be made during actual production.
  • Devise the Schedule. The producer will map out the schedule of how/when the video production will occur, and strive to keep everyone on schedule.
  • Hire/Coordinate Talent. If there are actors involved in the video, the producer will arrange auditions and negotiate contracts.
  • Hire/Coordinate the Crew. The producer will also hire any necessary crew and negotiate contracts. This can be a huge undertaking since there may be makeup, costumes, lighting, sound, stage crew, etc. All these crew members also need to be transported to and from locations and fed.
  • Determine Logistics (where, when, how…). Whether the video has one location or multiple locations, the producer will coordinate all logistics of where, when and how the video is made.
  • Responsible During Production. During production, the producer ensures that every member of the team has what they need and that everything goes smoothly. This involves coordinating every aspect of the production from talent to crew to problems that occur.
  • Double Check Post Production. The producer works closely with the editing team to make sure every aspect of the video is top quality and accurate.

Why is a Video Producer Important?

With all the coordination involved between the many people that work together to create a video, it would be easy to make mistakes or get off track without someone to hold it all together. The producer is an incredibly valuable member of the team that is ultimately responsible for creating a high quality product that does what the client wants. Experienced Boston Video Producers have been through the process and know what to do to keep the project on track and under budget. Easy to use editing software doesn’t come with a producer to plan it all out. While it may save in actual editing costs, it won’t save in planning time/costs, coordination, or result in a professional product.

Tips for Finding the Right Video Production Company

The internet is full of video production companies professing their greatness, but how do you know which company is the right fit for your purpose? Doing a little bit of preliminary thinking and research can help weed out the competition to find what you need. Consider the following tips before choosing a Boston Video Production company to make your next video.

Determine Your Purpose

Before you can search for a company to make your video, you first need to determine why you need a video. Are you launching a new product? Do you want to showcase your brand? Or do you want to broaden your demographics? Having an idea of what you want to accomplish will help you find a company that can help you reach your goal. Video production companies may specialize or have experience in different types of videos, so it is important to know what you want in order to find the company that can deliver your vision. Knowing your ultimate purpose can help you know what questions to ask and give you a point of reference for looking through demos.

Know Your Budget

How much money you have to spend will help you determine what you can afford. Though we may all want Spielberg quality, it may not be in the budget. There is a huge difference in cost between different production companies which may may depend upon experience, quality, and availability. Certainly, professional production companies will cost more than amateurs just starting out. If you have the budget, it is a good idea to use an experienced company that creates quality product. On a smaller budget, it may be a beneficial to use a talented company just starting out that can charge less. Look for the best value for the money.

Look for Full Video Examples

Demo samples on web sites may not be full products. Some companies will splice together “best of” clips that look great because they took the best parts of several videos to give you a taste of what is possible. This may not give you a full picture of what they can create. Ask to see full video examples so you can determine if the whole project is just as great as their short clips. Don’t be fooled by a 30 second splice of video which may turn out to be the only quality part of a inadequate video.

Check Out their Recent Projects

Not all websites are up to date. Look on social media to see if the production company has shared some recent projects. Though all past projects can give you an idea of what is possible, it is good to see what they are making recently too. Newer work will let you see if the company is still producing quality work. Equipment and talent often change; make sure they are using the latest equipment and still have talented employees that can make your video spectacular.

Get Multiple Quotes

Researching companies can be a lot of work, but it is worth the effort. Since there is a wide range between what companies provide and charge, it is important to get information and quotes from several different companies before you choose. Looking at the differences in cost and product from several vendors is the only real way to know what is available. Though time consuming, it is worth the peace of mind to know that you chose a company that will give you a premium product for a satisfactory price.

Ask for Recommendations

A recommendation from someone you know is always a good way to determine if a company really will deliver the promised results. Ask other friends and peers whether they have been satisfied with a video production company they’ve used. If you don’t know someone personally, the internet is a great source for looking up product reviews and recommendations. Always read through multiple reviews to get a good idea of a general consensus.

Get a Quote Today!

At ChampberPG, we work with all budgets. Contact us today to get a quote for your next project. Don’t forget to check out our latest work.

Mobile Video Changes Crime

Video is on the rise as an online marketing tool, and a way to share information on social media. From Facebook Live to Youtube to Vine, online videos are more popular than ever. For every good use, there are also those that use the technology for less than stellar purposes. These days people share everything online, sometimes even when they are committing a crime. Luckily, sometimes these overshares can help fight crime too. Mobile video is changing the way crime is committed and the way it is fought.

Streaming Crime

The past year has seen several instances of crime being live streamed via both Facebook Like and Periscope (Twitter’s live streaming app). Even before live streaming became available, many have recorded crimes with their mobile devices and later posted the recordings online. For those with the desire to view it, there are plenty of videos of crime available. According to Facebook, they do not allow videos that glorify crime, however, they do allow videos that condemn violence or attempt to raise awareness. They rely on an algorithm to filter banned material, and they have team on call to respond to inappropriate video.

Fighting Crime

Many cities have added video recording devices to police officer uniforms in efforts to protect police officers and citizens alike. In some cities people can send photos and videos of crimes in progress to 911. Ideally videos would help catch criminals, but video evidence hasn’t always resulted in convictions. However, sometimes the pictures or videos can be a great help for law enforcement. In April 2013 photos taken after the Boston marathon bombing were able to help the investigation.

Mobile Phone Use in Investigations

Easy video access on mobile phones has really driven their popularity. Everyone has a handy video camera available to take a quick picture or video whenever needed. It allows people to share the minutiae of their daily life, but also help fight crime too. Just the cell phone in general has made a difference in crime investigation. Since almost everyone has a phone, and they contain a plethora of personal information, law enforcement officers find them valuable for investigating crimes. They can use information found in phones for leads, motives and evidence, such as:

  • Call History
  • Contacts
  • Text Messages
  • Web Browser History
  • Email
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)

People that witness crimes, can also take photos or videos that can help identify criminals and place them at the scene of the crime.

Changing Crime

Mobile video is changing the way people share information and the way crime is committed. Live streaming has been used to commit crimes while also creating a record of the crime. Easy access to mobile video cameras also allows bystanders to capture crime in action and hopefully provide evidence that will ultimately lead to conviction. Much disgust has been expressed about bystanders that capture crime without doing something to stop it. Perhaps in the future, videos will continue to be a tool used to stop crime rather than share it. One thing is certain, mobile video has changed crime.

How to Choose Boston Television Production Companies

Videos are an essential marketing tool because they can really show off your product or company. They give consumers the opportunity to see your product in action. Even a short video can do more than words or a picture alone. There are many television production companies in Boston vying for the opportunity to showcase your company, so how do you choose? The following are tips on what to look for in a television production company.

1) Meets Your Needs

When looking for a television production company, it is important to find one that meets your needs. If you want to produce a television commercial, it isn’t a good idea to choose a production company that has zero experience in that field. Look for a company that has experience doing what you need done. Ask them about what type of work they’ve done and discover whether it is a good fit for your next project. Learn as much as you can about the company and determine whether you will be a good match. Sometimes creative styles don’t mesh or timeline expectations don’t fit. Come up with a list of things that are important to you, and take the opportunity to find out if that is something the production company can meet. For example, you may want to ask:

  • What types of videos have you produced?
  • What is your style of video production?
  • How long will it take to produce the video?
  • What do you expect from our company?

Most likely you will have a budget and timeline that you want to follow for the project. Find out if the company can work within your budget and timeline.

2) Proven Track Record

Most companies will tell you what projects they’ve worked on previously and be able to show you a portfolio so that you can have some idea of what to expect. Lots of times, this is as easy as clicking through their website. Don’t hesitate to ask for references and reach out to learn about whether they were satisfied with the work. Using a company with a proven track record for creating quality videos, on time and within budget is necessary for not only your bottom line, but also your sanity. If the company does quality work with quality service, that is a company that you want to use.

3) Full Service

It does you no good to get most of the project done, with a few steps left hanging. Find a company that can provide full service, from beginning to end so that nothing gets left undone. If you are busy running your company, it may be too much to deal with video production as well. Go with a company that can offer script writing, location scouting, talent hiring, cinematography, editing and every other step from start to finish. You may want to have more or less input in each step, but it is less stressful to know you have an expert available to guide you through the whole process.

4) Professional

There is a reason they call them professionals; they produce quality work that exemplifies your company and makes your product look great. If you want a professional product, you need to hire professional company. The finished product will be worth every cent. A well polished video can make your marketing strategy because videos can spark consumer interest, impress investors, and increase branding efforts.

5) Trustworthy

You need a company that you can trust to deliver on their promises. When they say they will do something, they do it. If you hire them to produce a professional video, they produce it. They return your calls and are transparent about their progress.

Choose ChamberPG

ChamberPG has experience with a wide range of video productions.

We are a full service television/video production company that you can count on to deliver a professional product that will be sure to bring life to your marketing strategy. Our proven track record speaks for itself. Don’t take our word for it; check out our customer testimonials. Contact us today to start your next video production.

Why Should You Use Boston Film Production Companies?

Computer software and video recorders or smart phones make it easier than ever to create quality home videos. Why should you spend the money to use a professional Boston film production company? Videos are a valuable marketing tool that can showcase your company and generate interest in your brand. While do-it-yourself projects are great for in-home use, in order to get a professional product, it is important to use a professional film production company. The following are benefits of choosing a professional to create your next project.

  • High Quality. The difference in a home video and a professional film is in the quality. Professionals deliver a high quality production that features your product without distraction. If you want a video that you can be proud to share with your customers, then you will want to use a professional film company.
    Relevant. Expert film makers know their industry and can create relevant videos that speak to your audience. Not only do they know the technical aspects of their field, but they also know the creative aspects as well. When you hire a professional, you are hiring someone that can provide valuable advice and guidance so that you can create a product that wows your audience.
  • Creative Script. Film production companies often provide full service which means they don’t just film the video, but they can write the script too. You may know what you want to accomplish, but don’t have the right words to express yourself. Don’t worry. Film production companies specialize in all creative aspects of the filming and can help you create a high quality product full of innovative ideas.
  • Expert Presentation. Professionals are experts at what they do, and film production companies are experts in creating short films, advertisements, corporate videos, training videos and website videos. They can help you determine the best way to present the information you want to disseminate in your video. Whether you want to create a how-to video or demonstrate a product, the experts can ensure that your final product is presented in the best method possible.
  • Professional Technology. Camera quality really makes a difference in the final product. High quality, professional tools help create high end films. When you use a professional, you get the advantage of professional equipment. You can expect crisp video quality and clear sound.
  • Savvy Graphics. Animation and graphics can add some pizzaz to your film. Often film production companies also offer graphics. Depending on your goals, you may choose to animate a portion of your video or add a creative graphic.
  • Skilled Editing. Skillful editing will bring your video together into a final and complete production. Editing is the final touch that can either pull the whole project together or let it fall apart. Professional film production companies have experience editing so that the final product is a success.
  • Right Formatting. Depending on your purpose, you may need to format your video in a particular way. Let the film production company know what you need, and they can figure out the formatting so that you can display your film where you want, whether that is on your website or on television.

If you want a high quality product, then you need to use a Boston film production company. You will be pleased with your results. Contact ChamberPG to learn more about our film production services.

Make Professional Quality Videos with Zero Experience

It’s true — videos are taking over the world. Well, maybe not the world per se, but definitely the world of marketing. Videos are everywhere. Every major social media outlet has made it possible to easily stream video, whether recorded or live. People are watching and sharing videos with their family and friends to an unprecedented degree. The ease with which people can now access the internet, coupled with widespread video-sharing functionality, has made video the hottest medium for broadcasting a company’s message. And with easy-to-use software at affordable prices, anyone can now produce a professional quality video with zero experience.

How to Make Quality Video Ads

If you’ve never made a video before, you might feel overwhelmed. But rest assured — video production can be a painless process with just a few simple steps. Follow these instructions to produce fresh, exciting, and shareable video content for your website:

1) Use Simple Video Creation Software

Inexpensive, easy-to-use video websites are readily available. Not only do these products allow you to use your own video clips, pictures and music, but you can also choose from pro-quality assets to produce your own unique video. With accessible tools, you can easily add captions, make edits and customize colors and transitions. Popular online video creation sites include:

2) Determine Objective

Every video should have a purpose. Before you begin production you need to clarify what you hope to achieve with the video. Below are a few different objectives that a given video may hope to achieve:

  • Increase Brand Awareness. Videos are an ideal way to spread awareness of your brand. Videos are memorable and easily shareable, which makes them perfect for spreading brand awareness.
  • Driving Sales and Conversions. The statistics are clear — video increases conversions and sales, so if this is your goal, using video is a must. Check out the latest statistics put out by HubSpot that illustrate just how effective video is in driving sales and conversions. In fact, videos on landing pages increase conversion rates by 80%.
  • Educate Customers. According to author John Medina of Brain Rules, people only remember 10% of information that they hear. If people are also given a visual, they will remember 65% of the information. It’s clear that using a visual will increase consumers’ recall of information, so if you want them to remember you and your product, use a video!

3) Write Script

Before you start producing the video, it’s important to finalize the script. You want to create something that will capture the interest of your target audience and keep them watching until the very end. Here are few tips to consider before writing the script for your video:

  • Hook consumers from start to finish. Make sure your video content is interesting. Think about what your customers want to see or learn about your product or company. Only include content that is going to keep your customer watching. Boring, unengaging content is counterproductive — viewers will not only stop watching, but may be left with a negative impression.
  • Keep your points succinct. While it may be tempting to share everything you know, an overabundance of information can convolute your message. Pick the most important points and focus on those.
  • Don’t use industry jargon. If your viewers can’t understand what you’re saying, they aren’t going to bother watching your video. Remember that most of your viewers aren’t experts like you. Forget the jargon and speak in easily understandable language.
  • Keep the running time brief. Long videos may provide more information, but they’re also less likely to get watched in full. Make a few shorter videos rather than one long one.
  • Keep it simple. For your first video, keep it simple. There’s no need to make a complicated video when a simple one will work to get your message across.

4) Use a Call to Action

Don’t forget to use a call to action. Whatever the purpose of your video may be, make sure your viewers know what to do next. Do you want them to use a coupon code, check out more content on your site, download a digital offering, or sign up for your email list? Get the most out of your video by giving something for your viewers to do when the video ends.

5) Create Your Video!

Once you have a plan, a script, and a call to action, you’re ready to start producing your video. With the easy-to-use video websites outlined above, you may just have fun doing it. Online video marketing is a cost-effective tool for increasing your online presence. Get started and get results!

Professional Videos without the Work

Though easier to make than ever before, quality videos still take time that you may not have. If you’re not interested in creating your own marketing video, but still want to take advantages of the many benefits, give ChamberPG a call!

5 Must Dos for Corporate Video

Videos are great marketing tools because they capture interest and offer consumers an insightful look into what your product really does. Knowing this, many companies are now showcasing videos on their websites. However, too many corporate videos completely miss the mark because they’re overly long and not nearly engaging enough. Here are five must dos that will ensure your corporate videos are true assets to your website.

Must Do #1: Define Your Audience

With any product or service it’s crucial to identify exactly who you want to reach. This holds especially true when creating a video to share your product or service. Who is your intended audience? It’s important to be as specific as possible. An audience of women, for example, is too broad in focus and won’t provide the specificity needed for successful targeting. Only by carefully defining your audience can you create a video tailored to the specific interests of that audience. This could mean that you’ll need to create more than one video to hit more than one target audience. And keep in mind that brevity is often key — a video stuffed with too much information risks losing the interest of its viewers. The purpose of a good corporate video isn’t to exhaustively examine every detail — rather it’s a way to increase interest and offer viewers a tantalizing taste such that they feel both drawn to your product and motivated to come back to your site for more.

Must Do #2: Forge an Emotional Connection

A lot of corporate videos focus on dry facts and product features in an attempt to get consumers to make a logical choice in favor of the advertised product. But if there’s one adjective that’s the kiss of death for any video, it’s the word “boring”. And we all know what happens to boring videos — they get turned off. In order to hold viewer interest, it’s important to create an emotional connection with your audience. While some consumers might choose a product based on a simple determination of ‘best value for price’, many more buy products based on emotional connections. Make sure you know your audience well enough to connect with them on an emotional level. So not only will they watch the video to its end, but they’ll also choose your product over the competition.

Must Do #3: Show Me!

The beauty of video is that you can immediately demonstrate to the audience how great your product is. Instead of using your video to tell the consumers why they should buy your product or service, you want to really show them why they should buy your product or service. Don’t simply list the benefits — let them see the benefits for themselves. Video is an ideal medium because it can do so much more to demonstrate a product than than a written article or photo ever could. For an audience that is increasingly impatient and accustomed to immediate gratification, video is the perfect way to grab attention and visually demonstrate why your product is something they want.

Must Do #4: Focus on the Customer

At a basic level, customers are interested in what your product can do to make their life better or easier. They care a lot less about your company. While some people may find it interesting to learn how your company was started or how your product is made, most people care about how your product will impact their lives. Instead of focusing on your company, you need to focus on your customer. What does your customer want to know? The answer to this question will help hone the focus of your video and render it that much more interesting to your viewers.

Must Do #5: Call to Action

Always feature a call to action in your video. When the main presentation wraps, offer the viewer a next step to take. Otherwise you’ve lost a great opportunity to convert the video view into an actionable lead. Remember, videos are powerful marketing tools, but only if you use them correctly. With a clear call to action your viewers are left with a way to connect with your company and product.

Make Your Corporate Video a Success!

By following these five must dos, your next video will resonate with viewers and keep them watching to the very end. Check out our video production blog for more tips on making engaging videos or contact ChamberPG to learn more about how we can help you create a successful digital campaign.

Simple Steps to Make Your Videos Better

Videos are a great way to promote your company, share a new product or address customer concerns. Not only will they enrich your website, but they can save you time and hassle. Often customers have similar questions or concerns. Posting a video on the site with information about commonly asked questions can save you from having to respond via email or blog post.
Videos are wonderful tools for learning since they can show the process and work much better than still pictures with captions. Even if your video isn’t a tutorial, the visual aspect of the medium allows customers to get a real feel for your product or service. If you are new to making videos, the whole process may seem overwhelming. Here are a few simple steps to help you make quality videos that are sure to have an impact.

Check out the filming location

Take a look around the area where you will be filming. Think about how the location will be presented on screen. Choose what you want to be your backdrop, and take a few minutes to do the following:

  • Remove distractions. Look around the space. Is there anything that could be distracting and take viewer’s interest from where you want it? If you are filming in your office, take a few minutes to tidy up. See if there are any objects that will draw interest away from what’s important.
  • Think about audio. Listen to the environmental sounds in the area. Is the traffic noise too loud? Airplanes, televisions, and even ringing phones might distract viewers. Take a moment to listen and change locations if needed.
  • Don’t forget lighting. The light needs to be just right. Glare from the sun may ruin the shot. Whether the light is too dim or too bright can make a big difference. Do a trial run of the video first and see what the lighting looks like and make adjustments as needed.
  • Take a photo. Use a camera to take a still photo. Then look at how the background appears. Check for any distractions. An oddly placed background item might look like it is growing out of your head. A simple photo can let you see if anything is off and will save you time. It can also be used as a promotional image on your site or social media to promote the video.

Prepare the content

Plan out the content for your video. A good plan will help you make a quality video more quickly. Depending on your purpose you may or may not want to write out a full script, but at least create an outline and determine important points. It will help if you:

  • Use notes or a script. Depending on whether you video is a simple video blog post or something more polished, you may or may not want to write out a full script. Some people prefer to review notes before making the video, while some like to memorize a full script. It’s up to you, but either way, having a plan will make your video turn out better.
  • Use a teleprompter. A quick perusal of notes may work for some, but for others, it is a good idea to have your notes or script posted somewhere where you can quickly glance at it while filming. Make notecards, use a whiteboard or use a teleprompter tool on your smartphone or tablet. Whatever you choose, from high tech to simple notecards, having something to glance at while filming is a great way to overcome nerves and make filming easier.
  • Think about footage. You may choose to use just a straight shot of you talking to the camera for a video blog post. However, you may prefer to use A-roll and B-roll. A-roll is the main footage and B-roll is alternative footage. If you are discussing a new product, it might be nice to cut to a picture of the product while you talk about it. This type of ability is what makes video great. You can show images of what you are discussing and make it easier for viewers to understand. Take time to plan out what footage you need before you start taping.

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Record the video

Once the planning is done, it is time to start recording. Lots of people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Here are a few things you can do to make the actual recording go more smoothly:

  • Pretend the camera is a person. Acting like you are speaking to a person you know well and are comfortable with may make recording a little easier. Speaking to the camera may seem weird or stiff, but if you pretend to talk to your best friend, your words will come off with more confidence. Forget the camera and talk to a person instead.
  • Do multiple takes. Don’t feel like you have to get it right the first time. Do more than one take; that way you have more film to edit. Plus a little practice always helps to make the take better.
  • Mark your mistakes. If you mess up, use a little signal to mark the mistake on the film. Snap three times or clap or raise a finger. This will help you find the mistake during the editing process and remind you use the take that is better.
    Create a ritual. This can be a catchphrase or a simple routine that you always do during the intro or at the end of the video. Audience members like ritual and will look forward to it every time.

Edit in finishing touches

Simple editing can make a big difference in video quality. Take the time to go through the video and add some finishing touches to make it really pop. Remember to:

  • Use editing software. You can use a variety of available free editing software or purchase editing software. Free software may be able to do everything you require, or if you choose to add a bit more sophisticated techniques, you can purchase something that will do what you need. Editing software makes it easy to edit and manipulate your video and turn it into a finished product.
  • Audio tracks. Most editing software will allow you to add audio tracks, so you can add voice overs or music. Just remember to follow copyright laws for any music you use.
    Animating intros and outros. Many editing software programs allow you to be creative by animating intros and other parts of the video. Take a minute to play around and discover what is available for your use.
  • Motion graphics. You may want to add motion graphics, regular graphics, still photos or whatever else you can think of. Video is a great medium that can be used in a variety of ways to really get your viewpoint or product across.

Sometimes it’s the little touches that can make the most difference. Follow these simple steps to make your next video a success.