5 Must DOs for Boston Corporate Video

5 Must Dos for Corporate Video

Videos are great marketing tools because they capture interest and offer consumers an insightful look into what your product really does. Knowing this, many companies are now showcasing videos on their websites. However, too many corporate videos completely miss the mark because they’re overly long and not nearly engaging enough. Here are five must dos that will ensure your corporate videos are true assets to your website.

Must Do #1: Define Your Audience

With any product or service it’s crucial to identify exactly who you want to reach. This holds especially true when creating a video to share your product or service. Who is your intended audience? It’s important to be as specific as possible. An audience of women, for example, is too broad in focus and won’t provide the specificity needed for successful targeting. Only by carefully defining your audience can you create a video tailored to the specific interests of that audience. This could mean that you’ll need to create more than one video to hit more than one target audience. And keep in mind that brevity is often key — a video stuffed with too much information risks losing the interest of its viewers. The purpose of a good corporate video isn’t to exhaustively examine every detail — rather it’s a way to increase interest and offer viewers a tantalizing taste such that they feel both drawn to your product and motivated to come back to your site for more.

Must Do #2: Forge an Emotional Connection

A lot of corporate videos focus on dry facts and product features in an attempt to get consumers to make a logical choice in favor of the advertised product. But if there’s one adjective that’s the kiss of death for any video, it’s the word “boring”. And we all know what happens to boring videos — they get turned off. In order to hold viewer interest, it’s important to create an emotional connection with your audience. While some consumers might choose a product based on a simple determination of ‘best value for price’, many more buy products based on emotional connections. Make sure you know your audience well enough to connect with them on an emotional level. So not only will they watch the video to its end, but they’ll also choose your product over the competition.

Must Do #3: Show Me!

The beauty of video is that you can immediately demonstrate to the audience how great your product is. Instead of using your video to tell the consumers why they should buy your product or service, you want to really show them why they should buy your product or service. Don’t simply list the benefits — let them see the benefits for themselves. Video is an ideal medium because it can do so much more to demonstrate a product than than a written article or photo ever could. For an audience that is increasingly impatient and accustomed to immediate gratification, video is the perfect way to grab attention and visually demonstrate why your product is something they want.

Must Do #4: Focus on the Customer

At a basic level, customers are interested in what your product can do to make their life better or easier. They care a lot less about your company. While some people may find it interesting to learn how your company was started or how your product is made, most people care about how your product will impact their lives. Instead of focusing on your company, you need to focus on your customer. What does your customer want to know? The answer to this question will help hone the focus of your video and render it that much more interesting to your viewers.

Must Do #5: Call to Action

Always feature a call to action in your video. When the main presentation wraps, offer the viewer a next step to take. Otherwise you’ve lost a great opportunity to convert the video view into an actionable lead. Remember, videos are powerful marketing tools, but only if you use them correctly. With a clear call to action your viewers are left with a way to connect with your company and product.

Make Your Corporate Video a Success!

By following these five must dos, your next video will resonate with viewers and keep them watching to the very end. Check out our video production blog for more tips on making engaging videos or contact ChamberPG to learn more about how we can help you create a successful digital campaign.