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Make Professional Quality Videos with Zero Experience

It’s true — videos are taking over the world. Well, maybe not the world per se, but definitely the world of marketing. Videos are everywhere. Every major social media outlet has made it possible to easily stream video, whether recorded or live. People are watching and sharing videos with their family and friends to an unprecedented degree. The ease with which people can now access the internet, coupled with widespread video-sharing functionality, has made video the hottest medium for broadcasting a company’s message. And with easy-to-use software at affordable prices, anyone can now produce a professional quality video with zero experience.

How to Make Quality Video Ads

If you’ve never made a video before, you might feel overwhelmed. But rest assured — video production can be a painless process with just a few simple steps. Follow these instructions to produce fresh, exciting, and shareable video content for your website:

1) Use Simple Video Creation Software

Inexpensive, easy-to-use video websites are readily available. Not only do these products allow you to use your own video clips, pictures and music, but you can also choose from pro-quality assets to produce your own unique video. With accessible tools, you can easily add captions, make edits and customize colors and transitions. Popular online video creation sites include:

2) Determine Objective

Every video should have a purpose. Before you begin production you need to clarify what you hope to achieve with the video. Below are a few different objectives that a given video may hope to achieve:

  • Increase Brand Awareness. Videos are an ideal way to spread awareness of your brand. Videos are memorable and easily shareable, which makes them perfect for spreading brand awareness.
  • Driving Sales and Conversions. The statistics are clear — video increases conversions and sales, so if this is your goal, using video is a must. Check out the latest statistics put out by HubSpot that illustrate just how effective video is in driving sales and conversions. In fact, videos on landing pages increase conversion rates by 80%.
  • Educate Customers. According to author John Medina of Brain Rules, people only remember 10% of information that they hear. If people are also given a visual, they will remember 65% of the information. It’s clear that using a visual will increase consumers’ recall of information, so if you want them to remember you and your product, use a video!

3) Write Script

Before you start producing the video, it’s important to finalize the script. You want to create something that will capture the interest of your target audience and keep them watching until the very end. Here are few tips to consider before writing the script for your video:

  • Hook consumers from start to finish. Make sure your video content is interesting. Think about what your customers want to see or learn about your product or company. Only include content that is going to keep your customer watching. Boring, unengaging content is counterproductive — viewers will not only stop watching, but may be left with a negative impression.
  • Keep your points succinct. While it may be tempting to share everything you know, an overabundance of information can convolute your message. Pick the most important points and focus on those.
  • Don’t use industry jargon. If your viewers can’t understand what you’re saying, they aren’t going to bother watching your video. Remember that most of your viewers aren’t experts like you. Forget the jargon and speak in easily understandable language.
  • Keep the running time brief. Long videos may provide more information, but they’re also less likely to get watched in full. Make a few shorter videos rather than one long one.
  • Keep it simple. For your first video, keep it simple. There’s no need to make a complicated video when a simple one will work to get your message across.

4) Use a Call to Action

Don’t forget to use a call to action. Whatever the purpose of your video may be, make sure your viewers know what to do next. Do you want them to use a coupon code, check out more content on your site, download a digital offering, or sign up for your email list? Get the most out of your video by giving something for your viewers to do when the video ends.

5) Create Your Video!

Once you have a plan, a script, and a call to action, you’re ready to start producing your video. With the easy-to-use video websites outlined above, you may just have fun doing it. Online video marketing is a cost-effective tool for increasing your online presence. Get started and get results!

Professional Videos without the Work

Though easier to make than ever before, quality videos still take time that you may not have. If you’re not interested in creating your own marketing video, but still want to take advantages of the many benefits, give ChamberPG a call!