Video Production Makes Business Boom

People love watching videos. Since its inception, YouTube has become the second largest search engine. According to YouTube, they have over a billion users that spend millions of hours watching videos every day, generating over a billion views. Not only do people watch the videos, but they also share them on social media, making their reach that much further. Companies that understand the impact videos can make, use video production to get their brand noticed.

Why Use Video Production as a Marketing Tool?

It’s smart business to take advantage and use videos as a marketing tool, especially if your audience is between the age of 18 and 49. YouTube boasts that they reach this age group more than any cable network. Videos have an audience, that is for certain. Yet, there are even more great reasons to use video production as a marketing tool.

  • Easy to Use. Videos are user friendly. It’s as simple as pressing play, and the viewers have the information provided quickly and succinctly. There isn’t any need to read through pages of text for instructions or information. With the click of a button the information is presented in an enjoyable format.
  • Establish Image. Videos have a way of presenting information and establishing image way better than text. Their visual nature makes it easy for your company to express your image and share it with the world.
  • Create Buzz. Videos can build excitement about a product and get people talking. When people are excited about a video they’ve seen on the internet, they talk about it.
  • Engagement. People find videos engaging, and it will keep them on your website longer. Studies show that people spend more time on websites with videos.
  • Relevant. It’s an easy way to share relevant information and get people to watch. Let people know the important information about your products.
  • Creativity. Graphics and images in your video are interesting, and the creative aspect of videos is what gets people watching them.
  • Sharing. Videos are easy and fun to share through social media. This simple act of sharing increases your reach and allows that many more people to hear about your company.
  • Enhance Website. Videos add interest to your website. Add some videos and give people the tools to learn more about your product.
  • Exposure. You don’t have to wait for someone to share your video, post it on your website and link it to social media. Put it up on YouTube and increase its potential for viewing. The more you put it out there, the bigger the potential audience.
  • Affordable. It isn’t as expensive as you think. With easy to use programs, you might be able to create something yourself. More and more, professional production is affordable and gives you a quality product that you will be proud to share.
  • Versatile. Video is an incredibly versatile medium. You can use it to do an instructional video, share information, provide product demonstrations, or share testimonials—the options are as endless as your creativity.
    Reach. If you want to reach the 18-49 year old crowd, you need a video. More and more, this age group is turning to the internet for information, and they like watching videos. Know where your audience is and how they are getting information. Using videos will help you reach a larger and more interested audience.

Technology is becoming increasingly important. The internet is the place where people go to learn about products, socialize and share their interests. Tapping into this growing marketing opportunity will help your company reach a larger audience and hopefully get the word out about how great your product is.